Take your Dog for a Walk

Take your Dog for a Walk

In order to be able to go for a walk in a relaxed manner, you need suitable equipment. We offer you a wide range of dog leashes, collars, dog harnesses, muzzles and accessories such as pendants or embroidered scarves.

What do I need to go for a walk?

A large selection of dog collars, leashes and harnesses is a bit confusing for freshly baked dog owners at first. But if you consider the various requirements, it is quite understandable, because it allows a very individual selection. This depends mainly on the size of the dog. You cannot put a heavy collar on a small dog, because maybe the neighbour has one available. Likewise a narrow one is not enough for a big, strong dog.

This could tear easily and distributes the pressure due to its small contact surface too little, so that it is uncomfortable for the dog to wear. A collar should therefore fit the size of a dog perfectly, just like a dog harness. This has the advantage that it does not press on the neck and makes it impossible to slip out. Many dog owners therefore choose a collar as well as a dog harness, which can be individually adjusted to the body of the dog.

The suitable leash

Besides collar and dog harness, the most important thing is the right leash. It is available matching the dog collar or can be chosen individually. Your requirements are decisive: The bigger and stronger a dog is, the more stable the leash should be. A relatively short lead is recommended to keep the dog under control at all times.

Especially with small dogs, many dog owners decide to use a flexi or roll leash as a second line. This also prevents the dog from escaping, but gives it much more freedom. Although you can choose between different materials, the possibilities are much greater with the leashes that are usually used. Popular are above all nylon leashes, leather leashes and Biothaneleinen.

A muzzle can be used in many ways Some dog owners cannot do without a muzzle because it is mandatory for their breed in their state. But there are a number of other situations in which it makes sense or is necessary. For example, in some holiday countries (not only for list dogs) it is mandatory to carry or wear a muzzle.

Carrying can also be useful during visits to the vet if there is a risk that a dog could snap. And if your dog is one of those dogs that will eat anything on the road, a muzzle can also be an advantage, especially in the dark when the dog is difficult to observe.

Accessories for on the road

There are a few things to take note on what to look out for when shopping for dog supplies. Some things are just pretty, like an embroidered scarf, others should not be missing on any walk: Countless dogs escape their owners every year. An enormous help for the recovery is a pendant on the collar, which contains the name of the dog and a telephone number. So a lost dog can be quickly assigned to its owner.